Rimrock Meadows Guest Policies


As many of our members get older, younger generations of their family often assume use of the lot and facilities. Our standard guest policy for use of the RV sites is that the member must be present somewhere at Rimrock for a guest to stay. Who is a member? Those that appear on the legal deed and their dependant children. Grown children and their families do not count unless they are on the deed. Why are we so restrictive? It is due to the fact that the Campground has limited space and we must keep it open for the dues paying membership.


If they stay on the lot and choose to use the showers, pool, etc., we do not currently restrict that. We are only concerned with those staying at the RV sites.


On busy weekends when the Campground is full (usually only Memorial Weekend), members may “bump” a guest if they so choose.


Members hosting guests in their own tent or RV are allowed one for free and each additional are $10.00/night.  If a guest is staying in their own RV or tent, it is $30.00/night for full RV sites with sewer and $25.00/night for partial sites or the tent area.


All dues must be paid no later than July 1 or you are no longer a “member in good standing” and therefore have no Campground privileges.


For several years, large group functions have been limited to a maximum of 50 people and there are related fees. These must be booked in advance. Please contact the office for further details.




Under normal circumstances, our pool opens in time for Memorial Weekend and stays open until one week after Labor Day. Due to unusually cool or stormy weather there will be days that we will not open the pool. This is in order to maintain heat and pool chemistry. June is typically the time when the weather is the most unsettled so we recommend you contact the office to check the status of the pool before assuming it is open.

In order to maintain the best possible pool temperatures for all to enjoy, we will not open the pool when temperatures are below 70 degrees. Although we have propane backup heat, if the pool is uncovered on a cool and cloudy day, we can burn up to 100 gallons/day trying to maintain the temperature. Of course maintenance issues take precedence for health and safety reasons and may occur at any time. Fecal and vomitus events require a mandatory closure of up to 24 hours.

We appreciate your understanding.


Thank you.

Rimrock Meadows Management