Rimrock's Planning Committee has established guidelines for members who wish to build on their lots.  If you have questions relating to how you should proceed contact the office for the application and some helpful hints on what to do, or answers if you have more detailed questions.  You can also download the PDF file here to get frequently asked questions and the application.  Also posted are the Rimrock Meadows Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions which can be opened in your word processor for your review.

Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions

Lot Purchasing FAQ's

Douglas County GIS Map

Owners at Rimrock belong to the Rimrock Meadows Association, a group of involved and enthusiastic folks who delight in the vistas and relaxation that they enjoy while using their property. One can camp on one's lot, and there are a few homes now being built. The Association has adopted a set of  Rules, Covenants and Restrictions for building so new construction is governed to keep the quality high.
Most lots at Rimrock Meadows are between one and two acres in size and sell for approximately $5995.00. We have hundreds of choice lots left in our 7100 acre community. There is no water, electricity or sewage on the individual properties but these amenities can be found at the camping facilities and the clubhouse. Rimrock Meadows is a member camp with Camp Coast to Coast and one may purchase a membership for a very nominal annual fee. Dues for members of the Rimrock Association run $210.00 per year for one lot and taxes average about $25.00 to $40.00 annually.