Featured Lots

We are Sold Out for 2021. Please reach out to the office if you'd like to be put on a waiting list for 2022 Lot Sales, which will begin in Spring of 2022.

Things to Consider

Although we require Planning Committee approval for any building or structure, we are primarily ensuring that County standards and permits are being followed. Douglas County requires permits for any structure over 200 square feet. Second floors, lofts, and porch covers are part of the 200 square foot limit.

In short, unless you are close to existing power (200ft plus or minus), it is probably not economically feasible to bring power in. I doubt that 10% of all Rimrock lots fall into the category.

We have about 50 private wells averaging about 160 feet in depth. The range is 75-440 ft. There have been very few failed drillings but no one can guarantee water.

Gravity septic permits are getting more difficult to get as time goes on. If you have 2 ½ acres or more, it makes it much easier. You must have PUD power to get a pressure septic permit. One other alternative is a Flout system but that requires some natural slope on the lot. There are Health District standards for well and septic spacing.

Association pricing is $7,000 for a standard lot and $14,500 for a lot close to power. The average size is 1.25 acres and we have 850 left in inventory. We finance in-house at 50% down, 10% interest over 3 years, about $120/month, with just a few hundred dollars closing costs after the down payment. We do not engage in any high-pressure sales tactics and attempt to make sure all questions are answered to the buyer’s satisfaction before closing the sale. We encourage all to look at our website prior to starting the sales process and then come out for a visit to look around.

Covenants and Restrictions

Rimrock's Planning Committee has established guidelines for members who wish to build on their lots. If you have questions relating to how you should proceed contact the office for the application and some helpful hints on what to do, or answers if you have more detailed questions. You can also download the PDF file here to get frequently asked questions and the application. Also posted are the Rimrock Meadows Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions which can be opened in your word processor for your review.
Covenants and Restrictions (PDF)

Land Survey Note

All corners should be marked with pink surveyor’s tape. Note that these markings reflect survey work done in 1970 and not the work of the author of this lot list. Lot sale showings are routinely done by appointment only. In some cases multiple lot purchases may enjoy additional discounts. Lot packages on this list can be sold separately, typically at $7.000 ea. Financing is available with 50% down at 15% over a 36 month period, longer for power lots or multiple lot sales. All contracts are recorded with Douglas County and include a Title Report. All lots on this list are subject to sale without notice. Lot prices subject to change without notice. Lot sales are strictly limited to budgeted amounts. Please read as much as you can on our website, especially the Covenants and the Bylaws. Stays in anything but a County code approved residence from Nov. 1 through March 31 are regulated by the Planning Committee.
County GIS Map (PDF)