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Ephrata which is approximately 15 miles SE of Rimrock Meadows is the gateway to the Columbia Basin area. There is a tremendous amount of fun and exciting activities going on at all times in the Basin area. Ephrata offers many of those activities right here, such as Splashzone, Basin Summer Sounds, our Sage-n-Sun Festival and the Beezley Burn, just to mention a few.  You can find more information on all the fun we are having here in Ephrata by looking at the "Events" page, found in the link below. Grand Coulee Dam and local wineries also offer many activities.

City link:    http://www.ephrata.org/

Chamber of Commerce Link:   http://www.ephratawachamber.com/index.htm

Grand Coulee Dam Link:  http://www.grandcouleedam.org/

Local Wineries Link:  http://www.columbiacascadewines.com/

Ephrata Farmer's Market:  www.ephratafarmersmarket.org


There are so many lakes within driving distance of Rimrock Meadows that it’s nearly impossible to list them all. Whether it’s swimming, boating, skiing or fishing there will be a lake nearby for you. We’ll start with a few of them here. Jameson Lake is renowned for large rainbow trout and is accessible from a private resort on the south or a public launch on the north end.  Lake Lenore is a world class lake managed as a one fish only with restrictions for the giant Lahonton cutthroat. Banks Lake, Sun Lakes, Moses Lake, Potholes Reservoirs, and Rufus Woods are only a few of the other nearby lakes. Vantage has a boat launch on the Columbia River where there are a variety of activities including skiing, boating and of course fishing. Try your luck at the giant sturgeon found there.  Please check the WDFW link below:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: http://wdfw.wa.gov/lands/wildlife_areas/index.html

Sun Lakes State Parks: http://www.stateparks.com/sun_lakes.html  0r



Owners of Rimrock Meadows property will also have private access to land that borders along the west side of the Moses Coulee and McCartney Creek.  Earlier this decade the Rimroc Corporate board of directors made the decision to not sell or develop the 2800 acres that was owned on the west side of the creek. Instead the Corporation made the decision to sell the development rights to The Nature Conservancy. What this means is that the property will never be developed and you as an owner in Rimrock will have private access including hunting rights. 

The Nature Conservancy of Washington



One of the natural wonders of this area and the world is Dry Falls. Located by Coulee City it is an amazing site to see.

Nearly twenty thousand years ago, as glaciers moved south, one ice sheet plugged the Clark Fork of the Columbia River, which kept water from being drained from Montana. Consequently, a significant portion of western Montana flooded, forming the gigantic Lake Missoula. Eventually, enough pressure accumulated on the ice dam that it gave way. It is generally accepted that this process of ice-damming of the Clark Fork, refilling of Lake Missoula and subsequent cataclysmic flooding happened dozens of times over the years of the last Ice Age.

This sudden release put parts of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon under hundreds of feet of water in just a few days. These extraordinary floods created the Grand Coulee and Dry Falls in a short period. Similar glacial flooding on a smaller scale kept the falls flowing for several thousand years.

Once the ice sheets that obstructed the Columbia melted, the river returned to its normal course leaving the Grand Coulee and the falls desiccated. Today, this massive cliff can be viewed from the Dry Falls Interpretive Center, part of Sun Lakes State Park, and located on Route 17 near the town of Coulee City. Admission is free.

The Moses Coulee that Rimrock Meadows borders was formed by this massive flood.

Dry Falls: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dry_Falls


Soap Lake, located 5 miles north of Ephrata.

Soap Lake's mineral-rich waters have long been thought to have medicinal value. In fact, it is said that rival Indian tribes would call a truce when they came to Soap Lake to relax and heal themselves and their animals. This is verified by recorded history and the number of Indian artifacts found in the area over the years. Washington State tourist guides in the 1920s referred to Soap Lake as the "world's greatest mineral sea"[1] and people afflicted with Buerger's disease found that bathing in the lake would cure their illnesses.[2] The city of Soap Lake bills itself as "Washington's Health Resort".[3]

There are 23 different minerals in Soap Lake water. Water quality assays conducted since 1910 to test the mineral content of Soap Lake water have shown that the mineral content of the lake has declined. Although it is not known what causes the foam, its quantity has declined since the construction of canals linking Soap Lake to upstream lakes and the Grand Coulee Dam. It is now rare to see any except on windy days.

However, compared to the ocean and other known naturally occurring mineral resources in the world, Soap Lake still has the highest diverse mineral content of any body of water on the planet. Soap Lake water also contains ichthyols, an oil-like substance sold over the counter in Europe to treat infections and abrasions. The ichthyol in Soap Lake water most likely come from decomposition of tiny brine-like red shrimp that flourish in the water from late spring to mid-summer. Like the Dead Sea, the high mineral content of the lake makes the water very buoyant.

The alkalinity of the lake is similar to that found on the moons of Jupiter. Because of this, in 2002 the National Science Foundation awarded a grant to researchers from Central Washington University to study the lake to learn about the possibility of life on Mars.[




Moses Lake, located in Moses Lake WA in the heart of Central Eastern WA.


The Dunes by Moses Lake

One of the most popular ATV and Dune Buggy off road vehicle parks in Washington State is located near Moses Lake off I-90.  As a warning though, the park is heavily patrolled and no alcohol is allowed. All safety gear including flags is required and no driving on paved roads. You will be ticketed. 



 Quincy Lakes: http://ncwportal.com/grant/interest/quincy_lakes_wildlife_area

A wildlife area comprising approximately 19 separate lakes with boat launches and lakeshore camping. One of the most beautiful and diverse areas in the Columbia Basin known for its wildlife and bird populations. Some of the larger lakes contain Tiger Muskie if you think you’re ready to tackle one of these fierce fish.



Wenatchee Chamber of Commerce:  http://www.wenatchee.org/

City of:  http://www.wenatcheewa.gov/


Gingko Petrified Forest


Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park contains the remains of one of the most unusual fossil forests in the world. It was set aside as a historic preserve in the 1930s, after highway construction crews working on the Vantage Road unearthed what proved to be some of the rarest forms of petrified wood ever found. Located one mile north of Vantage, near the geographic center of Washington State, the park is now a registered national natural landmark.


Gorge Amphitheater

One of the premiere concert venues in Washington State, its beauty is unmatched at any other concert venues in the area. Perched on the edge of and high above the Columbia River in a natural setting the views are spectacular. When the sun sets here you will be mesmerized.




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