Planning Committee Page

This page is for Rimrock Meadows Planning committee (PC) to post messages and to provide information
on how to apply for a structure permit.  Download the form to your computer and fill it out. Then email
it to All structures must be permitted by the PC and anything over 200
square feet must have a county permit as well.   Per Douglas County, all cargo containers must have
roofing and siding, regardless of size. All permanent shade covers must be permitted by the county, regardless
of size. A pergola does not require a county permit.

CC&R Amendment
Article II, Paragraph 10
New Language

“10. Seasonal Temporary Structure Use/Permit: No person shall use, occupy, live in or reside in any basement, tent, shack, shed, garage, trailer, boat, recreational vehicle, outbuilding of any nature whatsoever, or any other structure of a temporary character on any lot(s) in excess of nine (9) days in any thirty (30) day period from November 1 through March 31, EXCEPT under a temporary written permit of use and occupancy issued by the Rimrock Meadows Planning Committee (PC). This applies to any member or any guest on all lots at Rimrock Meadows, regardless of how many lots a member owns. That permit will focus on waste disposal, water sources, heating, and other criteria related to member, guest, minor child and animal safety. Any member desiring to obtain a temporary written permit shall make written application for such permit on a form or forms developed by the PC and shall submit such application to the PC. The PC may grant the permit without conditions, grant the permit with conditions and requirements deemed appropriate by the PC or deny the permit. If any requirement or condition imposed in any granted permit is not timely or fully met or satisfied, the PC may revoke the permit and notify the applicant of such revocation. Any applicant that is denied a permit or that is dissatisfied with any condition or requirement of a granted permit may appeal the denial or conditional approval to the Rimrock Meadows Board of Directors. The goal is to ensure that the health and safety of any Rimrock member is not being compromised by potential harsh weather conditions. We do require that for stays of 9 days or less from November 1 through March 31 that you check in with the office by email, mail, telephone or in person for safety reasons. Your presence here will remain confidential. Campground stays are exempt from this clause as they are regulated by existing rules as set by the Board.”

PC _Building Application Instructions & FAQ.pdf

PC_Building Application Form.pdf

Building a Home at Rimrock

Extended Stay/Use Application