Important note: You have until March 31 to pay Association Dues. After that, a $10/month late fee is added plus a 12% interest fee at the end of the year. The accounts of members delinquent on the payment of their dues are subject to immediate collection action(s) by the Association.

  1. 1.      Due to popular request, we are updating and repeating our FAQ regarding Rimrock and Douglas County building restrictions and other general rules and information. This is not intended to be complete but rather a summary. The Douglas County Building Department can be reached at 509 884 7173. Hugh Theiler is the current Code Compliance Inspector.
    1. Rimrock requires a Planning Committee permit for any structure or if you make any significant changes in grade. Permit applications are available on the website on the “Planning Committee” page or from the Office. Please include a site plan with your permit. Starting in 2018 a $25 application fee will be required. If you start a building without a PC permit, a $250 administration fee will be assessed.
    2. Douglas County requires a building permit for structures over 200 sq. ft.  Extended rooflines beyond the eaves are counted (porch cover, carport, etc.), as is any loft. Any structure that does not meet the requirements of a residence is considered a storage shed. All covers over an RV require a permit regardless of size. Their website is http://www.douglascountywa.net/.
    3. Because of our proximity to the Pygmy Rabbit breeding program, please ask the office to survey your lot for any burrows prior to any excavating. If a Pygmy Rabbit den exists, once notified, the state has 30 days to relocate them.
    4. Wells must be a minimum of 50 feet from the property line. Septic must be 100 feet from a well.
    5. You can have multiple structures on your lot. You cannot connect them without a permit. There is no longer a minimum square footage requirement for residential structures. You still must meet all required codes.  Check with the County for more details. You cannot live in a storage shed. Ask the office about “tiny houses”.
    6. Square footage fact summary: 1. 200 or less- no County permit is required. Any Structure- Planning Committee permit required. 2. No minimum size for residential dwelling. Must meet applicable codes. 
    7. Remember, the roads have a 60-foot right-of-way so your lot usually begins 30 feet from the center of the road. A utility easement of 8 feet exists around all lots. Please read your Covenants (available on our website). Changes often occur on an annual basis as do County codes.
    8. The Covenants are very specific about nuisances and unkempt lots. Please keep your lot neat! Please show your neighbors and Rimrock respect by regularly policing your property. The Planning Committee will do semi-annual inspections if not more.
    9. PLEASE READ! There are no stay restrictions from April 1 through October 31. From Nov. 1 through March 31, you can stay 9 days in any 30 day period provided you let the office know. Extended stays beyond that must be approved, via application, by the Planning Committee. County permitted residences are welcome! Our rules apply to temporary structures like RV’s, sheds, tents etc. Please read the CC&R’s.
    10. In many circumstances, the Covenants allow the Planning Committee to consider variances. Each will be reviewed on its own merit.
    11. If you sell your lot to a private party, firsthave them stop by or call the office to review pertinent documents to make sure their planned usage is in accordance with our Covenants and Bylaws. They are also available on our website. If you sell or move, please inform the office.
    12. If you purchase a lot on contract with a third party, that contract must be recorded with the County in order for you to have membership rights. Rimrock records all contracts on lots the Association sells. Also, if you have been notified that you are in violation of our governing documents and choose to ignore that notice, you may lose your membership rights and be subject to a daily fine.
  1. If you plan on riding any type of ATV, you must attend one rider’s meeting per year. They are usually held Saturdays at 9:30AM, May-September near the office.
  2. Because we are remote and cover a large area, security is everyone’s business. We recommend that you keep your valuables to a minimum, particularly in the off-season. Game or trail cameras installed on your lot have been proven to be very effective. The RV storage lots offer some security and we have spaces on a first come, first served basis. We have a limited number of 8x12 storage sheds at $30/mo. or $360/year. We offer winter storage in the campground during the off-season for $40/month. It is less for those who already have an RV storage space. You, yourself, are still limited to a maximum stay of 21 consecutive days in the campground followed by 7 days out.
  3. We have 24 RV sites that include 50A service and sewer. Those sites have a $10 per night user fee for members and $30 per night for guests. The regular guest fee is $25/night for tent camping and the 30A partial RV sites. Those are $5/night for members. There is a $5 fee for the RV dump. Members hosting guests in their own tent or RV are allowed one for free and each additional are $10/night.
  4. We offer free Wifi in the campground. It is intended to be used for email and text files. Please do not download movies or view files with extensive graphics or streaming videos.
  5. Important!! Our garbage dumpsters are available for member convenience. They are to be used for ordinary household garbage created during your vacation at Rimrock. Please do not use them for construction waste or for large household items. The Ephrata landfill is cheap and convenient. Full-time residents must provide their own garbage service.
  6. If you plan a winter visit, please call first to check current conditions. We only plow to legal full-time residents.
  7. If you are planning a large family event and intend on using the Clubhouse and kitchen, etc., please let the office know well in advance. Group functions are limited to a maximum of 50 people. We require a $300 damage deposit and a $200/day use fee. There will be a limited number of events allowed each year.
  8. The PUD policy on power connections with poles within 150ft is about $2370 for 200A service. You must still pay for trenching, conduit, panel work, etc. Check with the PUD as their policy changes without notice. 800 503 7990 or 509 884 7191. Beyond 150ft., it rapidly becomes cost prohibitive.
  9. Pool Rules: Our present rules (State Code!) are as follows: 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult, 13 to 17 must have at least two people that age or older present, and 18+ can be alone. We cannot allow any exceptions to that policy. Adult-only hours are posted at the gate. An accidental drowning can be devastating both emotionally and financially. Children wearing diapers must have a protective covering. There will be no adult hours on holiday weekends. As a rule, the pool will not open until the outside temperature reaches 70 degrees. No glass, food, or smoking. Eating is allowed only in the Food Court.
  10. Quiet time in the Campground is 11PM to 7AM. We ask that the kitchen not be used during that period. The Kitchen and Clubhouse will be locked during those hours on holidays and weekends from May to September. We ask that you limit your kitchen use to one meal per day to give others an opportunity to use it.
  11. If you plan on running a generator on your lot, please build a sound-deadening box for it as noise carries a great distance here.
  12. If you require an official property address, an address request form is available on the Douglas County website. There is a $75 fee for the application.

Find it at http://www.douglascountywa.net/.

  1. If you are interested in running for a director’s position, the deadline to notify the office and submit your bio is Dec. 15.
  2. Our website is found at rimrockmeadows.com, our email address is rimrockmeadows@gmail.com, our mailing address is POB 1195, Ephrata, 98823, our phone number is 509 632 9800.

We recommend that you keep this document for future reference. Any changes will be posted on the website.

Please look for our quarterly newsletter, The Rattler, on our website. New editions come out January, April, July, and October.

Thank You!