Lot Sales Advisory 

2019 Featured Lot List

1. 1-9-26, 1.14 Acres. Desert Ct. and W. Coyote Trail. Close to main entrance road but in a much quieter location. Very convenient to the highway. Flat with a panoramic view. Price: $5995

2. 1-11-10, 1.00 Acres. High point on Chief Joseph Dr. In a quiet area but very convenient. Great 270 degree view. Price: $5995

3. 2A-3-19, 2.68 Acres. Extra-large lot on Wildlands Dr. We are featuring several lots in Division 2A as they are unusually large. This is a two level lot. Price: $5995

4. 2A-3-20, 2.17 Acres. Next door to #3 above with very similar features. Price: $5995

5. 2A-3-22, 2.66 Acres. Extra-large lot with a lot of character. Located on Wildlands Dr. in the southern part of the development. A steal at Price: $5995

6. 2A-3-27, 2.54 Acres. Similar to #4 above. Hard to find lots this size. Price: $5995

7. 2-19-80, 1.01 Acres. Located on Branding Iron Dr. with great panoramic views. Quiet neighborhood. Lot 79 available as well. Price: $5995

8. 2-19-91, .97 Acres. Located on Lone Butte Pl. with a great westerly view in the SW corner of the development. Price: $5995

9. 3-12-9, 2.14 Acres. Two level lot between Pecos Dr. and Stirrup Pl. Divided by a basalt bluff. Let your imagination take over. Price: $5995

10. 4-4-9, 1.03 Acres. Located on Nitehawk Dr. in the NE part of Rimrock. Near the Pygmy rabbit refuge and The Nature Conservancy. Price: $5995

11. 4-19-36, 1.55 Acres. Located off of Remuda Dr. on Coloma Pl. Interesting lot with easterly view and Jack Mountain to the west. Price: $5995

12. 5-5-9 &10, 2.48 Acres. On Grafton Pl. in the northern part of Rimrock. Stunning views and rock features. Lots 11, 12, & 13 available as well for several possible lot combinations. A very special Price: $9995

13. 5-5-42, 1.00 Acres. At the end of Ballarat Pl. in the north end of Rimrock. Great views and very private. Lots 41 and 43 available as well. Price: $5995

14. 5-10-6, 1.02 Acres. Rare lot “down in the Coulee”on the corner of Battle Pl. and Tumbleweed Way. Price: $5995

15. 5-12-28, 1.67 Acres. On Singletree Dr. near Ashcroft Dr. Like lot 25 above, rare find with great Coulee views. Also a repo lot. Won’t last! Price: $5995

16. 5-12-44, 1.27 Acres. Gently sloping lot on Bodie Dr. with great Coulee views. Lots of Character and only lot left in this area. Price: $5995

17. 5-13-1, 1.09 Acres. At the end of Calico Pl. Feeling of being down in the Coulee with a lot of rock features. Lots of character. Repo lot. Price: $5995

Lots with Power Access

1. 3-3-25 to 34, 1.00+ Acres. 9 lots along highway in an area recently opened up, many with power access which is rare at Rimrock. With power, Price $11,995

2. 3-3-12 or 13, 1.16 Acres ea. Near main entrance road on Thoroughbred Dr. Lot 11 also available. Price: $11,995 ea.

3. 3-11-4, 1.10 Acres. On the main entrance road. Good well and septic history in the neighborhood. Price: $11,995

4. 3-11-5, 1.28 Acres. Same as above. Price: $11,995

All corners should be marked with pink surveyor’s tape. Note that these markings reflect survey work done in 1970 and not the work of the author of this lot list. Lot sale showings are routinely done by appointment only. In some cases multiple lot purchases may enjoy additional discounts. Lot packages on this list can be sold separately, typically at $5995 ea. Financing is available with 50% down at 15% over a 36 month period, longer for power lots or multiple lot sales. All contracts are recorded with Douglas County and include a Title Report. All lots on this list are subject to sale without notice. Lot prices subject to change without notice. Lot sales are strictly limited to budgeted amounts. Please read as much as you can on our website, especially the Covenants and the Bylaws. Stays in anything but a County code approved residence from Nov. 1 through March 31 are regulated by the Planning Committee.

Thank you!

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