This Page has posted the minutes of recent Board of Director Meetings.  Please forward any comments to the Directors, their general email address is on the Boards page. 


All Rimrock Board meeting minutes are posted for the membership after the board meets, however they will not become part of the official record until they are voted on and approved by the board at the next official Board meeting.

January 17, 2017 Board Minutes

Annual Meeting 2017

Board Minutes (3/5/17)

Post Meeting (3 /6/17)

Board Minutes (4/22/17)

Board Minutes (9/30/17)

Board Minutes (1/27/18)

Pre Board Minutes (3/3/18)

Annual Members Meeting (3/3/18)

Board Minutes (4/28/18)

Board Minutes (6/23/18)

RM Association August minutes (6/4/2018)